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“Going Back to School?”

That’s a sentence that we have all dreaded since our childhood. That’s because it meant commuting, inconvenience, and following a taxing routine. Thankfully, that’s not the case anymore! Online and flexible solutions now make learning accessible, convenient, and a lot more fun. Global Career Institute can further enhance the online learning experience with affordable, versatile, and focused training programs developed by experts.

Read on to know how this amazing platform can help you start your dream career with confidence, convenience, and the right knowledge.

Online Training at Global Career Institute

The online training programs at Global Career Institute are created and developed by subject experts who know what each course is all about. Not only are these courses helpful in building careers, but they also provide various other benefits that can help you in the short and long term.

Variety of programs and courses

We offer multiple career-oriented training programs, allowing students to take a step towards the career of their dreams. With our accessible solutions, you are not limited by geography but can choose the program that best suits your needs, no matter wherever you are. The variety of courses covering all relevant topics allows you to learn what’s important.

Lower total costs.

Our online training programs are a lot more affordable than traditional colleges. From the fees of the course to the associated expenses, everything is lower.  We have built our solutions so that everybody has access to a top-quality learning experience that helps them further their career the way they want. Moreover, all NHA certification prep material and initial testing fee are included in the course price.

Comfortable learning environment

Want to attend classes in your pajamas without having to wash your face? No worries, Global Career Institute has got you covered. Simply sit in your favorite chair, and settle in for a pleasant learning time listening to lectures and completing assignments.

Convenience and flexibility

We enable you to plan study time around the rest of their day, not the other way around. You can learn at your convenience, which makes balancing work and family commitments with your education possible.

Career advancement

Our learning materials and curriculum are relevant and career-focused, developed by industry experts. We enable you to enjoy learning career skills quicker and easier than ever before. We offer full support, a focused curriculum, on-field skills, and accreditations to help you advance your career in the right direction. We position students for career advancement even while they are working, between jobs, or taking time to raise a family.

Focused curriculum

All of our training programs cover all the necessary materials students need to be successful without any distractions.

Supportive team

Global Career Institute is dedicated to your success. We offer students all the support they need, including study assistance, sponsorship, building a resume.

How it Works?

We offer a 4-step easy pathway for you to build your career the right way

  1. Choose your training program

Our online training programs are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Once you know the career choice you want to make, choose the relevant program, pick your plan, and get yourself enrolled.

  • Make the payment

Our pricing structure is affordable, transparent, and accessible to everyone. We strive to make our top-quality courses available for every learner out there. So, once you have picked your training program, pay for it through the multiple payment options we have for you. Our course prices not only include the course itself, but also covers all NHA certification prep material and initial testing fee.

  • Complete the course

Now, it’s time to learn with convenience and ease. Each of our training programs completes over a different time span, ranging from 4 weeks to 12 months.

  • Get certified

Once your training program is complete, you are ready to earn your certificate to help you in your respective career.

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No over-the-top expenses – Global Career Institute is here to make top-quality medical certifications accessible to everyone.

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