Student Sponsorship

Sponsor a Student’s Education

Dreams and ambitions do not come at a price. However, the ability to fulfill those dreams does require certain resources. There are many individuals out there who aim to become a useful and contributing part of society by becoming a medical healthcare professionals. Yet, they lack the resources to do so. Therefore, we have built our ‘Sponsor a Student’ program (student sponsorship).

This program allows people to sponsor the training program of a student so that they are able to fulfill their dreams, complete their training, and join the thriving and rewarding healthcare industry with confidence.

student sponsorship

Select any program and/or supplies from the list below, and gift someone a bright future!

Global Career Institute Corporate Sponsorships

We work with corporations to deliver skills training programs targeted to specific groups of the healthcare team. We will ensure the educational content is delivered without bias to maintain the educational integrity and meet the education requirements. For the advancement of the cooperation, this will allow corporations to provide skills training to their healthcare team member.

Contact us at to discuss potential opportunities and specific topics of interest.

Our Corporate Partners

Through event sponsorship and generous gifts, our corporate partners take a stand to improve lives while doing business.

Become Our Corporate Partners

Without our corporate partners, we would never be able to do what we do. Your generosity and tireless efforts allows us to continue to serve the community and promote health and wellbeing.

If you would like to become our corporate partner, please contact us.

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Thank You!