Virtual Platform

Our institute uses the digital-first, personalized teaching and learning technology. The technology is built specifically for healthcare education. It is designed for the way students learn today. Our system interconnected course content and tools in a single, mobile-optimized interface that integrates into existing learning management systems. Classes are hosted in the virtual classroom requiring reduced onsite requirements, giving the learner more control over their own schedule. Our system saves time and provides meaningful learning analytics, virtual platform, to drive outcomes for students.


Key Features for On Demand Learning

  • Built for Your Schedule: Our system matches your studies to the time you have available. If you have ten minutes while you wait in line, it can deliver a quiz of exactly what you need to know next in that amount of time.
  • Work Wherever You Need To (via virtual platform): Content, quizzes, and insights are ready to go when you are, on whatever device you have – mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop.
  • One Mobile-Ready Course Platform: The system integrates all of the essential course content and tools onto a single platform, which is built digital-first and mobile-ready, so you can take it wherever you need it.
  • Quiz Coach: Quiz Coach works behind the scenes to maximize your performance. You can choose to study for an upcoming exam, focus on your weak areas, or study to get ahead. The Quiz Coach then builds quizzes for you based on the amount of time you have and with questions focused directly on what you need to achieve your goal. Your Coach is always working to ensure you have the optimal learning environment (via virtual platform).
  • Engaging in Digital Experience: Brings content to life by bringing the core content to a digital-first environment and complementing it with videos, images, audio and quizzes.
  • Learning for Your Style: Includes content designed to appeal to diverse   learners. It’s more than book content in a digital format.  Content is designed from the ground up with a digital learning environment in mind that offers content, video, simulations, and more.
  • Focused on What You Need: Have you ever asked, “What’s on the test? through analytics you are  prepared for the test by tailoring your experience with customized quizzes to help you prioritize your study based on the most relevant and timely topics.
  • Confidence Boost: Having the right knowledge to pass an exam is one thing but learning on demand helps give you the confidence you need to excel. Built in exam prep tools help you prepare for exams with remediation to help fill in knowledge gaps post exam and personalized learning tools along the way.
  • Analytics to Know Where You Stand: One of the strengths of learning on demand is the knowledge it gives you about your own performance. At a glance, you can see areas or topics where you’re weakest, giving you actionable data to remediate and turn your weaknesses into strengths.


virtual platform


Course last from 4weeks to 12months depending on your select program!

Never quit your fulltime job!

GCI’s courses are flexible; enjoy the benefit of working them around your work schedule!

virtual platform



Earn your Certification in 12 months or less!

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